Background and preemployment screening/investigations for recruitment of candidates to sensitive positions.

We help companies and organizations to a safer recruitment

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What we do

Valida offers various forms of security assessments: Background screenings as well as Pre employment investigation and Security interviews. We provide support and advice in the creation of policies, procedures, methodology, assessment matrices and risk profiles. We are a professional partner that helps you to validate and make safe recruitment decisions.

At Valida we have a solid experience of identifying risks, collecting and evaluating information and give an overall assessment. We assess, identify and exclude risks, validate that the recruitment is safe.




This is how we get there!

  • Experience

    We have long experience of background checks and risk assessments of recruitment to sensitive positions and our competence provides the possibility to prevent candidates from cheating. Each assignment contributes with new lessons and experiences, which means that our development never stops.

  • Development

    We constantly follow the research on what characterizes risky behavior among candidates. One example is that psychopaths in working life are more common than we think and because the subject is fairly new, new research often comes. Another example is the research on persons with legalist tendencies.

  • Communication

    We are involved in the debate about digital opportunities to create new and fabricated background stories.

  • Experience & knowledge

    We know that experience and knowledge are the key to quality in your background checks of candidates for sensitive positions.

Our Services

We start all our background checks with creating a risk profile for the position that you are about to recruit for. This means that we, together with you, define what harm a wrong recruitment could do to your company. The risk profile gives us the information to create the level of background check that would suit you.