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Pre Employment investigation

An Extended Background Screening is suitable when you are going to hire people for key positions or positions with increased risk.

Valida’s offering is unique on the market and adapted to the current assignment.

An error recruitment can have devastating consequences for your company, not just financially but also from e.g. work environment and brand perspective.

This is how it works

We know that all positions have different demands. Therefore, our work is based on the requirements and risks for the current position, combined with your company’s specific needs and wishes. This means that no assignment is the same – even if all screening is based on the same methodology.

We help you to create a risk profile. The purpose of the risk profile is to identify and highlight current risks, but also to lay a foundation for what information we need to obtain in order to not process more information than necessary regarding your candidate. It helps us to make an accurate and properly balanced analysis of the information, we give you recommendations and action proposals based on the information we collected.

We are always a support to you, we help you evaluate the information we have produced, and we advise you on how you can carry on the dialogue with the candidate about how any questions can be rectified.

Examples of information areas in Pre-Employment investigation:

We adapt the scope of information within following areas: Personalities, personal finance situation, legal cases, representative responsibilities, social media, media exposure and verification of education and previous positions.

Additional services

Depending on the position, it is also possible to add additional modules for deeper analysis, e.g. assessment of;

  • Risks that affect the economy and brand

  • Risks for sensitive information to leak or be sold

  • Historical and/or current business network

  • Legal/Formal risks

What happens next?

The result of an Pre Employment investigation provides an overall assessment and is fed back to you in a consultative meeting, we help you analyze the possible risks that exist with the candidate. Based on this, it is up to you to decide whether you want to hire the person in question or not. If you are unsure of your decision, we are support and help you to evaluate the information.

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We think the word background checks may be one of the most misunderstood words in the Swedish HR industry. The most common misconception is that background checks are the same as a control against a police register or a credit check. It is so far from the truth that one can come.

The customers we have worked with over the last few years often think that they know what kind of background control they want to do, but after we have discussed, the assignment often has become something else.

If you have an upcoming recruitment or if you want to know more about how to make a safer recruitment decision – give us a call!

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