Background screening

Background screening

Valida’s Background Screening is suitable for companies that have a continuous recruitment flow. Valida becomes your partner regarding risk assessments of your candidates.

To create a consistent process for background screening within your company, Valida adjusts the design of the background controls. All candidates are evaluated on equal grounds and, of course, the background screening is conducted with a consent from the candidate.

Valida works for fair and safe workplaces, where there are good relations – therefore evaluation on the same basis is a prerequisite.

This is how it works

Valida handles the implementation and analysis of background screening, we take care of the entire process – from collecting information to validation and recommendation. The recommendation we provide is always based on the requirement / risk profile you have developed for the service, linked to adjudication guidelines we have created together.

Usually, the recommendation is that the candidate is ready to hire, another outcome is that information emerges which, according to your adjudication guidelines, means that the candidate is not employable.


A background check can include the following information areas:

  • personals
  • academic education
  • previous positions
  • legal cases
  • economy
  • driving licenses