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Subscription is a product suitable for companies with significant recruitment flows.

The control is a subscription-based solution that allows for quick and high-quality verification of legal matters and debts to minimize risks during recruitment. The verifications are always conducted through information gathering from the original source.

How it works:

You outsource the execution and analysis of background checks to Valida, which means that we perform the checks and provide feedback to the customer as agreed upon.

A basic check includes the following information areas:

  • Personal information

  • Legal cases

  • Financial status

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We think the word background checks may be one of the most misunderstood words in the Swedish HR industry. The most common misconception is that background checks are the same as a control against a police register or a credit check. It is so far from the truth that one can come.

The customers we have worked with over the last few years often think that they know what kind of background control they want to do, but after we have discussed, the assignment often has become something else.

If you have an upcoming recruitment or if you want to know more about how to make a safer recruitment decision – give us a call!

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