Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Security assessment for positions that is classified as a part of the Swedish Security Protection Act. The security assessment consists of a background screening with subsequent analyzes and interviews with the candidate. The methodology is based on the directives for security testing, the Security Protection Act and the Security Protection Regulation.

Background Screening

As a basis for the interview, a Background Screening is carried out, it contains following information areas: personal information, personal financial situation, legal cases, representative assignments, social media and other media exposure and CV verification.

Deviation Analysis

The background screening is analyzed against the risk profile and deviations are noted. The interview is planned based on the risk profile, the information collected and the deviations that are listed.

Security interview

The interview is for following three purposes: the person’s truthfulness, primary / secondary risks in relation to the risk analysis and the person’s approach to risks in relation to the risk analysis and the person’s approach to risks. The safety interviews are preferably kept on a neutral location. The interview is held by two experienced interviewers, the time is about 1.5 hours. It is optional if the interview is recorded or not.

Examples of information areas: Drugs, Economy, Interests, Conflicts of Interest, Contacts, Personalities, Previous activities, social activities, education, international travel, international service

Analysis and report

Analysis after completed interviews takes place in two steps. An analysis is given via an immediate verbal report to the client and a written report which is reported to the customer at a meeting, handed over in a paper format.