Safe recruitment with Valida

Safe recruitment with Valida

Our key word safety. We help you to generate public information about the candidates, which means that you can make risk assessments before employment. This leads to safe recruitment. We create security for the candidate by safeguarding his / her integrity.

Valida’s employees has extensive experience in the industry, experience from both HR and Security industry. We are experts on the topic safe recruitment.


What we do

Valida offers various forms of security assessments: Background screenings as well as Extended Background screening and Security interviews. We help you develop policies, procedures, methodology, assessment matrices and risk profiles. We help you make safe recruitment decisions.


Why Valida

  • We are a consultative support and safe partner
  • Valida has well-trained and experienced staff for both research and analysis
  • Our methodology is GDPR-adapted i.e. based on information minimization and purpose testing
  • We help you to evaluate the information that emerges


We work according to a developed methodology to ensure that our assessments of observations found can guarantee all candidates an evaluation on the same basis.


“Background screening is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the HR industry. Many believe that background screening is the same as a control against a police register or a credit check. It’s far from the truth. ”- Henrik Carlbark